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Healing and Wholeness -MP3 Downloads (Length 28:11 minutes)

This audio meditation can be used regularly to strengthen your general wholeness and vibrancy … and specifically to address any current ailment or ongoing condition. By restoring balance and gently clearing energy blocks – at the levels of the physical body, the conscious and unconscious mind, and the emotions – that are associated with illness, this meditation helps you open to the natural healing and life-force energies available for your greater health and vitality.

Using your breathing and soothing colors and imagery, you’ll begin by bringing a general balance, lightness, and strength to the body, preparing you for healing. Next, you’ll draw in a universal healing energy to move deeply and fully into you, enriching every part of your body and awakening your natural patterns of strength and wholeness. This guided meditation culminates in a higher-level “healing circle” ceremony, in which you target a particular ailment … and identify any emotions, judgments, beliefs, or other “attachments” you may have formed around it. And by creating some separation between the actual ailment and these attachments, you clear a pathway for healing energy to move in. The ceremony also includes an opportunity to send healing energy to others in your life.

Length: 28:11 minutes
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