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Strengthening Your Sense of Self -MP3 Downloads (Length 27:33 minutes)

Similar in purpose to the “Acceptance of the Self” meditation but using a slightly different approach, this audio meditation helps awaken and nourish your true nature by utilizing the deeper “core” energy within each of us – the “signature” energy that uniquely defines you and that preserves the pattern of your whole self and strength.

Using your breathing, you begin by locating and energizing your “core.” You are then guided to direct this expanding energy to gently and naturally displace any untrue or negative patterns you’ve internalized from past wounding or invalidating experiences – patterns of unworthiness, struggle, distorted self-image, guilt, etc. As you clear these false, restricting patterns, you re-energize and reclaim levels of your strength and your nature hidden behind them. And you gain a clearer, stronger sense of your true worthiness and the freedom to be who you are. Because it does address old wounding at the core level, this meditation should be practiced gently and with lightness of spirit.

Length: 27:33 minutes
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