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Meditation CDs

Pick the Meditations2Go that go with you at the moment..

Every Meditations2Go audio meditation is designed first and foremost to restore your fundamental balance, calm, strength, and alignment. Each individual Meditations2Go meditation also offers a particular emphasis – as described below. So, browse through the descriptions and pick the Meditations2Go CD SETs that go with you at the moment. You can also hear a 60-second sample of each.

Each Meditations2Go CD SET features TWO full-length meditations on a single audio CD.

Just click “Add to Cart” for the particular Meditations2Go CD SETs you want and you’re on your way.

Meditations2Go CD SET 1: $14.99
Meditations2Go CD SET 1 (Features TWO Meditations)
Restoring Balance and Clarity - CD Track 1

This audio meditation helps restore your natural calm and balance – emotionally, mentally, and physically – gathering in your strength, your energy, and your clarity. It’s excellent as a general meditation practiced regularly to keep you centered and “on track.” And it’s ideal for those times when heavy demands on your energy have pulled you off-center, leaving you feeling scattered, weary, or simply overwhelmed.
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Length 26:48 minutes
Releasing Emotional Tension - CD Track 2

Whereas all our emotions are valid, they are not ours to keep. We must let them go or we become overwhelmed by them. This audio meditation assists you with the natural release of emotional tension, making room in your body and energy to experience your emotions in a balanced way.
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Length 27:24 minutes

Meditations2Go CD SET 2: $14.99
Meditations2Go CD SET 2 (Features TWO Meditations)
Awakening Your Worthiness & Freedom - CD Track 1

Living as we do in a culture that tends to worship success, beauty, and perfection – and defines these so narrowly – we are challenged to look deeper, sometimes through our judgment and wounding, to discover our true sense of our worth. This audio meditation is designed to support you in this healing and empowering inner journey, to rediscover and experience your inherent value and beauty, and the loving energy in which you were created.
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Length 31:12 minutes
Releasing Fear - CD Track 2

Fear is an almost constant challenge … not because we are always in danger, but because we are always growing. And as we grow, we will necessarily expand out against our fears. So, in a very real and practical sense, fear is a constricting of our energy … a signal showing us where we have a wounded or limiting belief that is holding us back. This audio meditation will help you ease these constrictions and release your fear so that you and your strength have room to grow.
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Length 37:29 minutes

Meditations2Go CD SET 3: $14.99
Meditations2Go CD SET 3 (Features TWO Meditations)
Centering in Your Heart, Creating from Love - CD Track 1

While the mind is a wonderful ally, some of our greatest inspirations, our most dependable guidance, and our truest gifts are available to us only when the mind quiets and we center in our hearts. This audio meditation helps you calm, balance, and ease the mind and body … and reconnect with the more expansive power, clarity, and creative potential of your heart.
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Length 31:20 minutes
Care and Healing for the Heart - CD Track 2

There’s no certain recipe for joy, but often joy eludes us because our hearts are weighed down with current worry or past pain. No matter what is or was in your life, your heart was meant to be light. This audio meditation helps you return your heart to its natural lightness, offering gentle clearing and release for the heart – making room in your heart for joy and peace.
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Length 32:55 minutes

Meditations2Go CD SET 4: $14.99
Meditations2Go CD SET 4 (Features TWO Meditations)
Healing and Wholeness - CD Track 1

This audio meditation can be used regularly to strengthen your general wholeness and vibrancy … and specifically to address any current ailment or ongoing condition. By restoring balance and gently clearing energy blocks – at the levels of the physical body, the conscious and unconscious mind, and the emotions – that are associated with illness, this meditation helps you open to the natural healing and life-force energies available for your greater health and vitality.
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Length 28:11 minutes
Aligning with Your Strength and Knowing - CD Track 2

This is another audio meditation that is excellent for regular use, as it brings a deep calm, clarity, reinvigoration, and reintegration gently but comprehensively through all the systems of your body, mind, and energy. This meditation culminates in a gentle, but powerful exercise in which you draw in higher light to bring balance to any particular situation or challenge you currently face.
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Length 37:22 minutes

Meditations2Go CD SET 5: $14.99
Meditations2Go CD SET 5 (Features TWO Meditations)
Acceptance of the Self - CD Track 1

In a perfect world every part of our nature, ever natural yearning and expression, from our earliest age, would be fully embraced. For better or worse, however, this life challenges us to recover aspects of ourselves that were not received with love – fundamental and essential parts of our nature and strength that we have consciously or unconsciously “cut off from” because we’ve associated them with past pain or rejection. This audio meditation is designed to support this recovery process … and make it a gentle and balanced one.
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Length 27:00 minutes
Strengthening Your Sense of Self - CD Track 2

Similar in purpose to the “Acceptance of the Self” meditation but using a slightly different approach, this audio meditation helps awaken and nourish your true nature by utilizing the deeper “core” energy within each of us – the “signature” energy that uniquely defines you and that preserves the pattern of your whole self and strength.
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Length 27:33 minutes