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Meditation: Your Angelic Self - MP3 Download (Length 30:51)

Each of us carries within us the divine light in which we were created. This meditation helps awaken these highest and finest aspects that live within you ... so you can feel your power, your purpose, and that loving light that guides your path.

You'll begin with some initial guided breathing and gentle soothing energies to ease your body and mind. Relaxed and balanced, you are then guided through a "diamond" Chakra meditation that raises the vibration of each of your seven primary energy centers. You then move up into the higher realms where, surrounded by your angelic guides, your chakras are energized again ... transforming you and awakening all your angelic gifts and power. As the ceremony ends, you receive a symbol revealing one of these gifts that calls up your angelic nature.

Length: 30:51
MP3 Download