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Meditation: Your Angelic Guides - MP3 Download (Length 29:33)

Because we live on the earth plane -- a place of almost constant learning and becoming, we often long for those who love us so completely that, in their presence, we know we are safe and on course. This meditation helps you reconnect with the angelic love that guides, understands and cherishes you in every moment.

Initially, you'll be guided through some relaxing elements and energies that soothe and carry the angelic warmth that heals and nourishes. After a gentle "golden" Chakra meditation, you'll rise up to where your angelic guides await you ... and spend time in their loving energy and embrace. A message of guidance also awaits you here ... and rings of angelic light to return with you, to hold you in that angelic embrace as you walk in the world.

Length: 29:33
MP3 Download