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Meditation: Releasing Fear - MP3 Download (Length 37:29 minutes)

Fear is an almost constant challenge … not because we are always in danger, but because we are always growing. And as we grow, we will necessarily expand out against our fears. So, in a very real and practical sense, fear is a constricting of our energy … a signal showing us where we have a wounded or limiting belief that is holding us back. This audio meditation will help you ease these constrictions and release your fear so that you and your strength have room to grow.

Using your breathing, you’ll begin by releasing tension and restoring balance and fullness to the areas of your body and energy-field typically undermined by fear. Next, using a chakra meditation, you’ll move one by one through your seven primary energy centers, clearing the constricting beliefs typically associated with each of these aspects of your power … and, one by one, reawaken your true strength here. In the final phase of this meditation, you’ll identify a current situation that tends to intimidate you … and you’ll draw in the specific healing, knowing, and strength to be balanced and powerful in confronting this situation. (If you’ve never before done a “chakra” meditation, don’t worry; you are guided through it slowly, step by step.

Length: 37:29 minutes
MP3 Download