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Meditation: Oceans of Peace - MP3 Download (Length 27:01)

Ideal before bedtime or anytime you need rest, this guided meditation helps soothe away the noise of the world so your body and mind can feel peace again. Like the rhythms of your breathing, the rhythms of the sea have an inherent power to calm. Using gentle guided breathing, ocean sounds and imagery, you are immersed in these soothing rhythms and eased away from any mental or emotional strain.

As you transition gradually into deeper relaxation, the meditation guides you into the higher watery realms, to float upon the oceans that rise into the stars. In these warm silver waters, there is a deeper peace for you. And as you float upon this ocean of silver, there is time for your body and being to rest surrounded by the comfort and stillness of the stars.

Length: 27:01
MP3 Download