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Meditations2Go CD SET 6 (Features TWO Meditations)

Meditations2Go CD SET 1: $14.99

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Fullness & Completion - CD Track 1

Ideal for when you're recovering from loss or feeling a bit needy, tired or irritable, this audio meditation reconnects you with your natural ability to restore your personal fullness and find completion. Often the places we feel the most need are the places we must answer before life can. This meditation helps you fill the places that are yours to fill, so that you always come to life with the "full cup."

The meditation begins with a calming of the body and mind … and a gentle clearing and soothing of the emotional tensions associated with loss, frustration or depletion. More balanced and relaxed, you then draw in a rich, nourishing energy to bring peace and fullness directly to any places of yearning and need within your body, being, and heart. This energy even finds those places that we've unconsciously "cut off" from – places that have become weak, hurt or irritable from being judged and unfed – and brings much-needed care and attention to them. You're then guided through your seven primary energy centers – one by one – opening, gently clearing, and re-energizing these vital centers … and aligning them with the source energies that are always available to support your strength, fullness and completion.

Length: 35:03
Deep Vibrational Strength - CD Track 2

Our strength comes not from heaviness but from our clarity, balance, and alignment. Ideal for when you feel weighed down by worry or when you need to be “in your zone” for optimal performance, this meditation helps you release worry and stress, restore your vitality, and re-center in your deeper power, focus, and peace.

The meditation begins with guided breathing and imagery to ease any physical and emotional stress and unburden your mind. Using tonal sounds, colors, and a variety of energies, you then reinvigorate your body, mind, and vital energy centers. This process includes drawing up a powerful “living crystal” energy from within the earth and creating a deep vibrational strength and resonance throughout your body and energy. In the final phase of the meditation, you’re guided upon “a path” where you’ll enjoy a gentle, higher-level clearing ... freeing you of any heaviness or impediments you may unconsciously carry from your past. With this clearing, you’ll experience a deeper sense of lightness and strength. And you’ll be firmly aligned with your own power and that universal power that supports you and your life.

Length: 32:49