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Meditations2Go CD SET 4 (Features TWO Meditations)

Meditations2Go CD SET 1: $14.99

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Healing and Wholeness - CD Track 1

This audio meditation can be used regularly to strengthen your general wholeness and vibrancy … and specifically to address any current ailment or ongoing condition. By restoring balance and gently clearing energy blocks – at the levels of the physical body, the conscious and unconscious mind, and the emotions – that are associated with illness, this meditation helps you open to the natural healing and life-force energies available for your greater health and vitality.

Using your breathing and soothing colors and imagery, you’ll begin by bringing a general balance, lightness, and strength to the body, preparing you for healing. Next, you’ll draw in a universal healing energy to move deeply and fully into you, enriching every part of your body and awakening your natural patterns of strength and wholeness. This guided meditation culminates in a higher-level “healing circle” ceremony, in which you target a particular ailment … and identify any emotions, judgments, beliefs, or other “attachments” you may have formed around it. And by creating some separation between the actual ailment and these attachments, you clear a pathway for healing energy to move in. The ceremony also includes an opportunity to send healing energy to others in your life.

Length: 28:11 minutes
Aligning with Your Strength and Knowing - CD Track 2

This is another audio meditation that is excellent for regular use, as it brings a deep calm, clarity, reinvigoration, and reintegration gently but comprehensively through all the systems of your body, mind, and energy.

After an initial balancing and clearing, you are guided through a “chakra meditation” that awakens and nourishes each of your seven primary energy centers, recharging and aligning all your vital energies. This process is then mirrored through an energizing of the spinal column, nourishing all the critical pathways and connections that support the physical body and mind. Together, these create system-wide strength and a deep vibrational balance. To finalize the process, you then create a bridge to your higher-source knowing, drawing in the understanding you need for completion in the present and support for the time ahead. This meditation culminates in a gentle, but powerful exercise in which you draw in higher light to bring balance to any particular situation or challenge you currently face. (If you’ve never before done a “chakra” meditation, don’t worry; you are guided through it slowly, step by step.)

Length: 37:22 minutes