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Meditations2Go CD SET 3 (Features TWO Meditations)

Meditations2Go CD SET 1: $14.99

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Centering in Your Heart, Creating from Love - CD Track 1

While the mind is a wonderful ally, some of our greatest inspirations, our most dependable guidance, and our truest gifts are available to us only when the mind quiets and we center in our hearts. This audio meditation helps you calm, balance, and ease the mind and body … and reconnect with the more expansive power, clarity, and creative potential of your heart.

Using your breathing, you gently refocus your attention and your awareness to your heart ... opening your heart and awakening its wellspring of knowing and richness. This knowing and loving energy is then circulated to enrich and expand all the pathways of your strength and clarity (including your mind). As your heart is restored to its radiance – and this radiance shared throughout your being – you’ll experience a fullness and peace that can be found only through the heart. In the final phase of this guided meditation, centered in your heart, you actually “create” a thing you desire, drawing upon the light and limitless power of love. Excellent as a regular meditation for the ongoing “care and nurturing” of your heart … and especially recommended when you wish to create something new in your life … and create it joyfully.

Length: 31:20 minutes
Care and Healing for the Heart - CD Track 2

There’s no certain recipe for joy, but often joy eludes us because our hearts are weighed down with current worry or past pain. No matter what is or was in your life, your heart was meant to be light. This audio meditation helps you return your heart to its natural lightness, offering gentle clearing and release for the heart – making room in your heart for joy and peace.

Using your breathing and soothing blue light, you’ll first relieve any heaviness and conflict in the body, mind, and heart. Next, you’ll move through a “chakra” meditation where you’ll balance and recharge each of your seven primary energy centers. You’ll then return to your heart center, where you’ll use very loving energy to ease and release holding and constriction in and around your heart. In the final phase of this meditation, you’ll bring healing to any specific past wounding that currently weighs upon your heart … and open your heart to be filled with completion and love. (If you’ve never before done a “chakra” meditation, don’t worry; you are guided through it slowly, step by step.)

Length: 32:55 minutes