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Meditations2Go CD SET 1 (Features TWO Meditations)

Meditations2Go CD SET 1: $14.99

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Restoring Balance and Clarity - CD Track 1

This audio meditation helps restore your natural calm and balance – emotionally, mentally, and physically – gathering in your strength, your energy, and your clarity. It’s excellent as a general meditation practiced regularly to keep you centered and “on track.” And it’s ideal for those times when heavy demands on your energy have pulled you off-center, leaving you feeling scattered, weary, or simply overwhelmed.

Using guided imagery and your own gentle breathing, this meditation helps you disengage from outside pressures, worries, and agitation. Using the rich, balanced energies of the earth, you re-establish and reinforce your true, peaceful rhythms and natural pace. You’re guided literally to “draw” your energies back to you, so you can recover your strength, clarity, and perspective, and bring the much-needed soothing and replenishment to your body, mind, and heart. This meditation culminates in an exercise whereby you’ll discover, through the knowing of your heart, a particular thing or activity that will bring you the balance you need at this particular time.

Length: 26:48 minutes
Releasing Emotional Tension - CD Track 2

Whereas all our emotions are valid, they are not ours to keep. We must let them go or we become overwhelmed by them. This audio meditation assists you with the natural release of emotional tension, making room in your body and energy to experience your emotions in a balanced way.

Using your breathing and very gentle release imagery, you are guided in letting go of emotions like sadness, anger, and anxiety, which we tend to “hold” in the body … and let in the peace, strength, and completion that naturally follow release. These gentle meditative energies also help you bring healing to “wounded” emotional patterns and beliefs – like shame, fear, and the “critical inner voice” – and help awaken your true natural patterns of wholeness, confidence, and joy. Excellent for regular emotional “maintenance” … and ideal for providing additional support during particularly stressful/emotional times and for times of loss.

Length: 27:24 minutes