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Meditation: Calming and Grounding - MP3 Download (Length 28:33)

While ultimately healthy, the waves of change and growth moving through our world can leave us feeling uneasy and ungrounded. This meditation is designed for these anxious moments ... to help you relax away from those patterns of anxiety, to help calm your being, and to ground you in the comforting strength and peace of the earth.

The meditation begins with some extended guided breathing, to help your body regain its emotional balance. Next, using guided relaxation and imagery, you are transported to a warm beach where you nestle into the soft sand, with a light sea-breeze refreshing you and a golden sun soothing into your body. In the final phase of this meditation, you are guided to a sacred place of power on the earth, where you are re-energized with a strength that abides through all change.

Length: 28:33
MP3 Download