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Meditation: Awakening Your Worthiness & Freedom - MP3 Download (Length 31:12 minutes)

Living as we do in a culture that tends to worship success, beauty, and perfection – and defines these so narrowly – we are challenged to look deeper, sometimes through our judgment and wounding, to discover our true sense of our worth. This audio meditation is designed to support you in this healing and empowering inner journey, to rediscover and experience your inherent value and beauty, and the loving energy in which you were created.

The meditation begins with a gathering, centering, and aligning of your energy. You then draw in a “diamond light,” a vibration that resonates with your own brilliance … and naturally displaces the wounded beliefs, harsh judgments, and other distortions that keep you from seeing and enjoying your true worthiness and freedom. Next, you are led through a “chakra” meditation where this vibration of your worthiness is awakened and strengthened in each of your seven primary energy centers. In the final phase of this meditation, you are guided on “a path” where you’ll enjoy a gentle, higher-level clearing and the opportunity to expand out into your new truer, freer sense of yourself. (If you’ve never before done a “chakra” meditation, don’t worry; you are guided through it slowly, step by step.)

Length: 31:12 minutes
MP3 Download