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Meditation: Acceptance of the Self - MP3 Download (Length 27:00 minutes)

In a perfect world every part of our nature, ever natural yearning and expression, from our earliest age, would be fully embraced. For better or worse, however, this life challenges us to recover aspects of ourselves that were not received with love – fundamental and essential parts of our nature and strength that we have consciously or unconsciously “cut off from” because we’ve associated them with past pain or rejection. This audio meditation is designed to support this recovery process … and make it a gentle and balanced one.

Using guided breathing, you begin by releasing physical tension and blocks around the areas of the body where we tend to restrict our vital energies. Opening these vital energy pathways, you then draw in your own higher light to revive the foundational strength that knows and embraces your true, complete nature. With this foundation, you are then led through deeper levels of healing, in which you gently find and release any judgments, fears, and “wounded” beliefs – conscious and unconscious – that have separated important aspects of your nature from your own acceptance and power. The meditation culminates in a “healing circle” in which an all-encompassing light helps reintegrate these critical parts of you … realigning them with your own strength, freedom, and love.

Length: 27:00 minutes
MP3 Download