How It Works

Step 1: Choose Your Meditations2Go: Select the Meditations2Go MP3s you wish to purchase using the "Add to Cart" button. "Check out" and complete your purchase, using a credit card or Paypal.

Step 2: Download the MP3 file(s) to Your Computer: Once your purchase is complete, you'll see an "Order Confirmation" page providing a unique link(s) to download your MP3 audio file(s) to your computer. (You'll also receive a separate "Order Confirmation" e-mail, which also displays this unique download link.) Clicking this link will start the download. Remember to note the folder/location (e.g., Desktop, My Music, etc.) and the file name (e.g., M2Go - Releasing Emotional Tension.mp3), so you can easily find the file(s) on your computer.

Please Note: Your download link is valid for five days from purchase or five download attempts only, whichever occurs first.

Step 3: Play your Meditations: Because your Meditations2Go are in the industry-standard MP3 format, you have a number of options for listening to your meditations. (Note: instructions may vary depending on your computer/device platform and default settings. Always consult your device's documentation.)

 Play on your computer: Find the MP3 file on your computer (e.g., M2Go - Releasing Emotional Tension.mp3). In many cases, double-clicking the file will automatically launch your media-player software (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.) and begin playing the file. Otherwise, manually launch your media-player software and "import" or "add" the MP3 file to your media library ...and play.

 Play on your portable device: Connect your portable device (iPod/iPhone, Zune, MP3 player, cell-phone/smart-phone, etc.) to your computer. Transfer the MP3 file(s) to the device using iTunes (iPod/iPhone), Windows Media Player, or the "sync" software that came with your device. Play your meditations on your device.

 Burn to audio CD: Place a blank CD in your computer's CD-RW drive. Use iTunes, Windows Media Player, or other media software to burn the MP3 as an audio CD. Play the audio CD on your CD player. Please Note: Your item purchase entitles you to burn one audio CD only, strictly for your personal, non-commercial use; see "Terms of Use" for full details. Never play your meditations on your car's CD player. Read important "Disclaimer."

If you're unfamiliar with downloading or want more details on this process ...
... read our Download FAQ, which includes questions like:
-How long will the download take?
-Do I need a high-speed Internet connection?
-What happens if my download is "interrupted"?

If you're just not comfortable with downloading ...
... Meditations2Go are also available on Audio CD! Browse our Meditations on CD.

If you're fairly new to the practice of meditation ...
... read our Mediation FAQ, which provides some background (meditation terms, techniques, etc.), guidelines (best posture, etc.), and some explanations of what you might experience with Meditations2Go meditations.

If you'd like more detailed discussions on the themes addressed in the Meditations2Go meditations ...
... browse our Teachings2Go text articles, which describe in detail many of the principles embodied in the meditations ... and how to apply them in everyday life.