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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is meditation?

    Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, so there are countless variations and definitions of the practice. Most offer relaxation – primarily through a quieting of the mind – and create a “pause” from the rapid pace of our life to let our mind and body “catch up,” rebalance, and re-center. Some meditations rely on complete silence, some employ the repetition of specific words or “mantras,” some offer guided imagery and/or affirmations, some focus on specific energy “centers,” some have very ancient roots and traditions. And there are many more varieties and combinations. Some meditations focus primarily on relaxation and the well documented health benefits associated with this. Other meditations, like Meditations2Go audio meditations , go beyond relaxation to help us reconnect with the deeper clarity, power, and wholeness within each of us.

  • What’s the best meditation for me?

    It’s hard to imagine any of the wide variety of meditations that would not be beneficial. Of these varied types of meditations, the “best” type is simply the one you find most beneficial … the type that best matches you. So do experiment.

  • What kind of meditation does Meditations2Go offer?

    Meditations2Go audio meditations certainly fall into the “guided” variety … and they certainly offer deep relaxation, complete rebalancing, and a welcomed soothing for the mind and body. They do, however, go well beyond this to help you discover and access your abilities to replenish your own strength, to bring natural and powerful healing where it is needed within you, to find your clarity, and to awaken your natural joy. Perhaps most importantly, Meditations2Go help you reconnect with your own “inner” guidance and integrate your own “higher knowing” … so that what you do, what you create, and how you use your new strength and power truly support you and your life. [For more information, see Our Approach]

  • Are Meditations2Go audio meditations religious?

    No … nor are they meant to replace or conflict with traditional religious beliefs and practices. The Meditations2Go meditations do, however, have a “spiritual” component, in the sense of “mind, body, spirit” – and are meant to address your deeper nature. The Meditations2Go audio meditations also make references to “life-force energy,” to “chakras” (or energy centers), and to “energy fields” – as do other types of meditation, and other practices like Tai Chi and Qigong.

    Meditations2Go meditations do not make references to “God,” though they do reference “higher-source” knowing (your “higher-source” knowing) and may be suggestive of a connection to a “universal” or “divine” light.

  • How do I download my Meditations2Go MP3 audio files?

    Once your purchase is complete, you’ll see an “Order Confirmation” page providing a unique link(s) to download your MP3 audio meditation file(s). (You’ll also receive an “Order Confirmation” e-mail, which also displays this unique download link.) Clicking this link will start the file download.

    Depending on your browser defaults, you’ll receive a prompt asking whether you wish to “open” (or possibly “play”) or “save” the file to my computer.” Choose the “save” option. The download prompt will then show you (and/or ask you to choose) where on your computer the file will be saved.

    Be sure to note this specific folder/location (e.g., Desktop, My Music, etc.) and the file name (e.g., M2Go – Releasing Emotional Tension.mp3), so you can easily find the file(s) on your computer.

  • Do I need a high-speed or broadband Internet connection to download Meditations2Go MP3 audio meditations?

    We recommend at least 768Mbps. If you have a DSL, Cable, or Fiber Internet connection, you should be fine. If you have dial-up, we recommend you purchase your Meditations2Go as audio CDs rather than as MP3 Downloads. Browse Meditations on CD.

  • How long does the download take?

    Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, about 2-10 minutes per meditation MP3. Here are some estimates:

    Your Internet Connection Speed Download Time
    1.5Mbps 8 minutes
    3.5Mbps 3.5 minutes
    6 Mbps 2 minutes
    10 Mbs 1.1 minutes
  • What happens if my Meditation MP3 download does not complete?

    If you lose your Internet connection while downloading or your download fails to complete, you can re-attempt the download. After your Internet connection is re-established, click the download link again or copy the download link (displayed in your “Order Confirmation” e-mail) into your web browser. This will start the download. You have a maximum of five attempts or five days to complete your download, whichever occurs first. After five attempts or five days, your link will expire.

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