The Best Multi-Purpose Prohormones For Bulking And Cutting

The unique thing about prohormone supplements is that most of them can be used for bulking and cutting. In this guide, you will find the best prohormones that can help you gain muscle mass as well as shed the excess fat.


When properly cycled, Methylstenbolone can help you gain massive strength, develop fuller muscles, and gain considerable muscle mass without the chances of excess water retention in the body. In fact, if you take a daily dosage of 12mg for a period of 4 weeks with a proper bulking program, you can expect to gain as much as 20 pounds of lean muscle. If your goal is to get rid of the excess body fat, you can expect to burn up to 3-percent of your body fat and gain as much as 6 pounds in a 4-week period. However, you should always remember to cycle Methylstenbolone with a proper on-cycle support followed by a proper post cycle therapy to prevent the development of side-effects such as dry joints, accelerated hair loss, mild lethargy and bouts of headaches and aggression.


If your goal is to have a model-like beach body without gaining much weight, your best prohormones and steroids is Halodrol. Halodrol helps athletes develop muscular body by enhancing protein production and synthesis in the body. The prohormone first penetrates into the bloodstream and stick to the muscle cells walls from where it activates a nucleus reaction that encourages the body to produce and synthesis more protein resulting in the buildup of more muscle tissues. Of all prohormones for sale, Halodrol has become the pro hormone of choice for athletes looking to attain the ideal set of abs. in fact, most of the Halodrol users have reported that the prohormone has helped them get flatter as well as develop more muscular abdominal muscles.

When you combine it with a proper bulking program, Halodrol can help you gain as much as 15 pounds in a 5-week cycle at a daily dose of 75mg. When you combine it with a proper cutting program, Halodrol can help you get rid of as much as 4-percent of your body fat as well as gain up to 5 pounds of muscle mass.


To maximize the benefits of your preferred pro hormones, you should know the best way to cycle them as well as other prohormones that you can stack them with to enhance their results.